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Accidents happen! Sometimes, stray debris or a fly ball can lead to a cracked or shattered windowpane. However, there’s no need to go through the expensive process of replacing your entire window. Often, window glass repair and replacement is a much quicker and straightforward process. With help from Glass Specialty WLC, we can restore your property’s windows to like new and ensure your windows can benefit you in additional ways.

Why You Should Fix Broken Glass ASAP

If left unchecked for too long, chipped, cracked, or shattered glass can lead to many problems for you and your household. Allow Glass Specialty to resolve your issues so you don’t encounter the consequences of broken glass.

  • Safety Hazard – Chipped or cracked windowpanes can leave sharp edges alongside the damaged portion of the glass. And if your glass were to break further or shatter, you risk shards of glass ending up on the floor and potentially in someone’s feet.
  • Water Damage – Cracks in windows are especially susceptible to moisture and letting water in your home. And while this might not seem like a significant issue at first, continued exposure to water can leave parts of your home growing mold or rotting away. Eventually, water damage repair will come as an expensive outcome of a cracked windowpane.
  • Energy Loss – It can seem insignificant at first, but you might begin to notice your AC or heating working a bit harder to maintain your home’s temperature and a rise in your electric bill as a result. This issue can stem from what seems like a minor crack in your window. Ultimately, cracks and chips can render your windowpanes inefficient. Air, warm and cool, will escape your home, causing your energy costs to go up.
  • Security – You don’t leave your doors or windows unlocked when you leave your house or go to bed. So, why would you not have cracked and broken glass panes fixed or replaced? Busted glass on windows can leave your home vulnerable, making it easier for potential intruders to break in.

What You Can Expect from Glass Specialty

Glass Specialty has been Macomb, Galesburg, Monmouth and the surrounding communities glass experts for over 40 years. Our experienced glass repair and replacement team understand what it takes to quickly and efficiently restore your windows’ glass to like-new. Using glass products supplied by Pella and Heartland, we’ve helped resolve glass problems with bay, double-hung, picture, awning, casement and all window types. Additionally, if you require glass service beyond windows, Glass Specialty assists with:

Glass cutting for replacement Windows in Macomb IL

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When glass panes break, don’t jump to immediate replacement of a window, nor let it go long without fixing. Ensure you receive reliable glass repair and replacement for your windows with Glass Specialty WLC. Contact us today at 309-343-6139 (Galesburg Office) or 309-228-2638 (Macomb Office) to request a quote.

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