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Residential Glass Service for Your Windows, Enclosures and More

Glass is everywhere in your home. From the windows you look out to the coffee tables you decorate, furniture and fixtures in your house incorporate specially designed glass. And if that glass breaks, where can you expect to get it repaired or replaced? Thankfully, Glass Specialty WLC takes great effort to offer residential glass services for locals throughout Galesburg, Macomb and the surrounding communities.

What We Repair

  • Glass Products – There are any number of glass products in your home, and just as many ways you can accidentally break them. All it takes is a misstep or slip up and your mirrors, glass tables, glass shelves can quickly be reduced to shards. Thankfully, Glass Specialty has the experience necessary to mold replacement glass to seamlessly fit back into your home.
  • Windows and Doors – A pet or child can get too excited and mistakenly take a closed glass sliding door as open. Or baseball practice can lead to a shattered window and a mean curveball. For such scenarios, we can restore your doors and windows with sturdy glass that’s well insulated.
  • Shower and Tub Enclosures – With as often as you use your restroom and washing facilities, showers and tubs will show wear and tear faster than other parts of your home. And all it takes is a door off its track and too hard a pull to damage the glass enclosure around your shower or bathtub. If this happens, Glass Specialty can offer a solution to your tempered glass issues.

Trusted Glass Experts

We have provided Western Illinois with residential glass services for over 40 years. This includes custom made-to-order table tops, mirrors, windows, and doors as well as residential glass repair and installation. We can handle any glass project, from custom shower and bathtub doors to patio doors and more!

With us, excellent service is our best quality.

If you are looking for professional residential glass service you can trust the name of Glass Specialty WLC.

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