Keep Your Doors by Fixing Broken Glass: Door Glass Repair & Replacement

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What can be done when stray debris or accidents break the glass of your front doors, sliding glass doors, or storm doors? Is replacing your door the only way to rectify the problem? Thankfully, replacing your entire door doesn’t have to be your first option. In most cases of doors with broken glass, the glass itself can be repaired or replaced. With assistance from glass experts such as Glass Specialty WLC, you can quickly resolve issues of broken glass in doors throughout your property.

Repair Before Replace

Property owners often default to purchasing a new door outright when glass for an entry or back door shatters or breaks. However, doing so is unnecessary; it wasn’t the door that broke, only its glass. Using stellar glass products from Heartland and Pella, Glass Specialty can repair and restore glass for your doors to like-new condition. Always consider glass repair before door replacement for factors such as:

  • Affordability – If you end up replacing your entire door without considering repair options, you’ll likely spend a significant amount on it. For those not considering such expenses, a new door can be quite a shock to your wallet! Not to mention, the labor costs to install said door can add up. Conversely, glass replacement is a simple and affordable process. Most doors can have their glass panes easily replaced.
  • Convenience – If installing a new door, the process can take longer than you expect. For example, it takes time to pull out old frames, install new frames, place your door, and install new glass. This process can take a couple of days for especially challenging door installations! However, if only replacing broken glass, most jobs are completed within hours.
  • Professionally Done – Before your door glass was broken, there could already have been issues with the pane. Your glass’s sealing might have worn down, or moisture could have settled between panes. Replacing or repairing your door’s glass can resolve issues you might not have seen or noticed without a professional’s assistance. Moreover, a glass expert ensures door glass can be replaced without mistakes.

How Can We Help?

Glass Specialty WLC takes pride in managing window repair and replacement projects throughout Galesburg, Macomb, Monmouth and the surrounding communities. For doors, our team has completed repair jobs for exterior and interior, such as storm doors, sliding doors, French doors, entry doors, etc. Additionally, we provide glass repair and replacement for:

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