Restore Your Doors to Like-New with Door Glass Repair & Replacement

What can be done when birds, yard waste, sports balls, or other stray debris are sent flying into your glass door, causing it to crack, chip or break? Is replacing your front, sliding glass, or storm doors the only solution? It’s not! Thankfully, you don’t have to invest in the complete replacement of your door- only the glass requires replacement or repair. With assistance from glass experts at Glass Specialty WLC, you can quickly resolve issues of broken glass for doors, ensuring flawless function and breathtaking beauty. Call today to learn more or request a door glass repair and replacement quote.

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What’s the Problem with Poor-Condition Door Glass?

Cracked or shattered glass panes aren’t the only reason your doors’ glass needs to be addressed. When a door’s glass isn’t functioning properly, your home can incur various issues. More troublesome problems like increased energy costs or minor concerns like sticky sliding doors can all be caused by broken glass. Examples of these issues include:

  • Increased Energy Costs – Damaged or poorly insulated glass can lead to drafts and reduced energy efficiency in your home, requiring your HVAC system to work harder. Replacing or repairing the glass can help maintain consistent indoor temperatures, thus lowering your energy bills.
  • Compromised Security – Cracked or broken glass panes can weaken the security of your home, making it an easier and more appealing target for intruders. Replacing problematic glass ensures your doors remain strong barriers against unwanted entry.
  • Decreased Aesthetic Appeal – Glass with cracks, chips or cloudiness detracts from the overall appearance of your home. Repairing or replacing glass restores the beauty of your doors and enhances curb appeal.
  • Risk of Injury – Chipped and broken glass has dangerously sharp edges, posing a safety concern to your household and guests. Timely repair prevents potential injuries from sharp or shattered pieces of glass.
  • Operation Issues – Damaged or warped glass can affect the operation of sliding doors, causing them to stick or jam. Ensuring the glass is in good condition allows for smooth and reliable door function in all temperature and weather conditions.

Repair Your Glass Before Replacing Your Door

Property owners often default to purchasing a new door outright when the glass for an entry or back door shatters or breaks. However, doing so is unnecessary; it wasn’t the door that broke, only its glass. Using stellar glass products from Heartland and Pella, Glass Specialty can repair and restore glass for your doors to like-new condition. Always consider glass repair before door replacement for factors like:

  • Affordability – If you replace your entire door without considering repair options, you’ll likely spend a significant chunk of change! Needless to say, this can come as quite a shock to your wallet. The labor costs to install said door can add more to your replacement costs. Conversely, glass replacement is a simpler, more affordable process. Most doors have glass panes that can be easily removed and replaced.
  • Convenience – When installing a new door, the process can take longer than you expect. For example, pulling out old frames, installing new frames, hanging your door, and installing glass takes time. Assuming it’s a simple installation with no complications, it can be at least a couple of days of work. On the other hand, glass replacement isn’t nearly as extensive a process; most jobs can be wrapped up within hours.
  • Quality – Before your door glass was broken, there may have been existing issues with the pane. Your glass’s seals might have worn down, or moisture could have settled between panes. Replacing or repairing your door’s glass can resolve issues you might not have seen or noticed without a professional’s assistance. Moreover, a glass expert ensures door glass is replaced without errors.

How Can We Help?

Glass Specialty WLC takes pride in managing window repair and replacement projects throughout Galesburg, Macomb, Monmouth and the surrounding communities. For doors, our team has completed repair jobs for exterior and interior, such as storm doors, sliding doors, French doors, entry doors, etc. Additionally, we provide glass repair and replacement for:

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