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Update Your Bathroom with Shower and Tub Enclosures

While shower curtains may “get the job done” when it comes to keeping water in your shower, they don’t offer the same advantages as shower and tub enclosures do. From increasing your home value to improving your bathroom’s efficiency, glass enclosures are one of the best upgrade decisions you can make for your restroom. And if looking for the right installers to put in our shower and tub enclosure, look no further than the team at Glass Specialty WLC.

The Benefits of Shower and Tub Enclosures

Toss out those old, ugly and stained shower curtains, and get ready to embrace the benefits of a beautiful shower and tub enclosure!

  • Keep Heat In : Shower curtains are notorious for letting heat escape from your shower or bathtub. Ultimately, a curtain does not cover enough area nor provide a seal that can otherwise keep heat in place. Conversely, glass enclosures are built to keep temperatures consistent in your tub and bathroom. Your bath stays warm, and the remainder of your home stays cool.
  • Control Water in Your Bathroom : After a shower or bath, you have to be careful when getting out. Often, water will escape from your tub or faucets and end up on the floor of your bathroom. And not only is this dangerous, but it could be damaging your floor or encouraging mold growth. Conversely, shower and tub enclosures are water-tight, so to prevent water from escaping. Just be sure to towel off well before stepping out of your tub!
  • Aesthetically Pleasing : A bathroom with shower curtains can sometimes seem cheap or tacky. And if appearance isn’t a concern to you, neither should installing a glass enclosure. However, for those looking to add some appeal to their home or wishing to increase its value, shower and tub enclosures are an affordable way to do so. Glass enclosures in your bathroom add an element of refinement to your home.

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