Reliable Home Window Repair Service in Galesburg IL

Glass Specialty WLC professionals will respond right away when you need a home window repair service in Galesburg IL. Call Knox County’s trusted local glass experts now at 309-228-9290 to secure your home.

Whether your window cracked or shattered, you need professional repair or replacement of your windowpane right away. For that reason, Glass Specialty WLC offers same-day service during business hours or emergency board-up service after hours. After all, your home isn’t fully secured with a broken window. So, trust Galesburg’s leading glass specialists to restore the safety in your home with prompt glass repair or replacement services. Contact us online if you have any questions about our services.

What to Do When You Need Home Window Repair Service

We understand that a broken window can cause a traumatic and upsetting experience for you. Therefore, we want to help take the stress out of your experience when you need a home window repair service. For your convenience, use the following steps if you have a glass emergency:

  • Call Glass Specialty WLC at 309-228-9290 to schedule an appointment. Often, we can schedule service immediately to keep your home protected.
  • Figure out how your window was broken. If you suspect criminals tried to break in, you should call the Galesburg Police Department at 309-345-3799. Don’t hesitate to call 9-1-1 if you suspect the burglar is in your home or on your property.
  • Determine whether you need to file an insurance claim. If your window broke during a storm, your insurance company may need to take pictures before you clean up broken glass.
  • Clean up broken glass shards if it is safe to do so. Make sure to wear heavy duty protective gloves while trying to handle broken glass.
  • If necessary, you can try to secure the opening with plastic sheeting, cardboard, or plywood. These materials are the most effective options for temporary protection from the elements. If security (from intruders) is crucial, consider boarding up the opening with 2 x 4s cut to size.

Professional Car Window Repair Service in Galesburg IL

Glass Specialty WLC technicians also get you back on the road safely when you need car window repair service in Galesburg IL. You may not realize just how much glass you rely on during your commute. However, we can help repair or replace auto glass for the following:

  • Car Door Glass – You need unobstructed views out of passenger side and driver’s side windows to navigate traffic safely. So, call us right away for car window repair service in Galesburg IL.
  • Moonroofs and Sunroofs – Damaged glass on your moonroof or sunroof can expose your vehicle’s interior to rain, dirt, bugs, and other debris. However, we can repair the damage to safeguard your vehicle.
  • Quarter Glass – This small piece of glass located behind your door and above your rear tires is known as quarter or valance glass. We can fix that, too!
  • Power Window Components – If your window won’t open or close like it should because of broken glass and power window components, our technicians know how to fix it!

Commercial Window Repair Service Available

Don’t let broken glass on your storefront or entryway scare away customers and valued members of your team. Glass Specialty WLC technicians are Knox County’s trusted local experts when it comes to commercial window repair service in Galesburg IL. So, let our team protect your team and your customers with repair or replacement of your commercial glass.

Contact Us for Window Repair Service in Galesburg IL

Count on Glass Specialty WLC for knowledgeable technicians who have the experience it takes to provide the best window repair service in Galesburg IL. Contact us online anytime you would like a free quote on repairs or replacement of home, auto, or commercial glass. Whether you want shower enclosures, custom classic car glass, or new displays for products you’re selling, we are Knox County’s preferred glass experts. Give us a call for all things glass at 309-228-9290.

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