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A glass technician installing new Replacement Windows in Galesburg ILIf you’ve worked with Glass Specialty WLC before, you’ve likely relied on our extensive glass services for auto glass/windshield repair and replacement. However, Glass Specialty’s window expertise extends beyond auto glass. When homeowners or businesses are looking for help replacing their old, drafty windows, Glass Specialty can happily oblige! We offer high-quality and expertly installed replacement windows for Galesburg IL residents.

Do Your Windows Need Replacing?

While window replacement is necessary for any household or business, it can be a significant investment if replacing every window on your property. We will often recommend replacing windows in batches, saving time and money. However, the real question is whether your windows need replacing in the first place. With help from Glass Specialty, we can identify subtle issues with your windows that can indicate a need for repair or replacement. Here are a few ways you can look for yourself whether your windows need replacing:

  • Foggy Window Panes – During especially cold or humid days, significant temperature differences can cause condensation build-up on your windows. However, if that condensation doesn’t disappear and settles into your window panes, it means your windows aren’t sealed properly.
  • Drafty Homes – If inside on windy days, you shouldn’t feel gusts going through your home! Nonetheless, if drafts occur, air is most likely entering through old or leaky windows. And if air can get into your home, it can get out too, making it challenging to maintain a consistent temperature.
  • Old and Rotting Frames – Windows with wood frames are a beautiful addition to any home. However, as those windows age, problems with wood rot can occur. This can be especially true for older windows installed before the prevalence of vinyl and PVC. And a rotted frame can make it challenging to open/close your window and let air, water and moisture through.
  • Cracked Glass Panes – Cracked glass not only can cause windows to fog up or air to escape into your home but also impact your home’s safety. Cracked windows and broken frames significantly compromise your home’s security, making it easier for would-be intruders to get in.
  • Increased Energy Costs – There are several issues your property could be experiencing to warrant a significant increase in energy costs. Primary among those issues is sometimes your windows! Older windows simply don’t have the same energy efficiency as new window products do.

How Else Can We Assist?

Replacement windows in Galesburg IL are essential for any home or business. However, Glass Specialty can do more than replace your old windows. We make great efforts to serve all of Western Illinois with quick, high-quality glass service for various areas. For example, Glass Specialty has provided glass repair, crafting and installation for:

Newly installed Replacement Windows in Galesburg IL

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If you’ve begun to notice issues with your current windows and are considering replacement windows in Galesburg IL, seek assistance from the glass experts at Glass Specialty WLC. To learn more about our glass products and services, contact us today at 309-343-6139. Our Galesburg office is located at 723 E Main St, Galesburg, IL 61401.

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