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Love Your Car? Get Stellar Windshield Replacement in Galesburg IL

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Your car is part of you. Whether you are on the road for business, running the family around town or cruising with your classic car club, your windshield must be flawless. Thankfully, Glass Specialty WLC is skilled at windshield replacement in Galesburg IL.

Ways to Serve You and Your Vehicle

We can fix your auto glass in the shop and on the road. Windshield replacement in Galesburg IL is our specialty. But, we can also fix up your electric windows, truck slider windows, rearview and side mirrors and sunroofs. Our family-owned business provides the highest quality glass product that you need.

Classic Cars

Even the best DIY handyman can struggle to solve the unique problem of replacing the glass in your classic car. Whether it be an 80s pickup, a 50s fin lover, a Model-T or vintage Corvette, we know just how to fit your windshield, back and side windows to make a spectacular showpiece.

Western Illinois is full of car clubs who plan cruises, shows and charitable events. Maybe you’ve always wanted to restore a classic but were held back over the fear of everything involved. Never fear, as Glass Specialty WLC and our windshield replacement for Galesburg IL can fit your car right. Imagine you and your friends taking rides to the country, picnics, car shows and cruises with your car sporting a spotless, clean and shiny new windshield and window glass.

Don’t Let Chips Stick Around

If that chip is bothering you as you look out your windshield, don’t let it remain. It is a safety and vision hazard for your time on the road. Glass Specialty WLC does windshield replacement for Galesburg IL on the road or in our shop.

An accident, rock or other hazards may have caused a chip, hairline fracture or total shatter of your windshield. Glass Specialty WLC replaces and repairs windshields in Galesburg, Monmouth, Geneseo and the surrounding area.

We serve Knox, Warren, Henderson, Mercer, McDonough, Henry and Stark counties.

Mobile Auto Glass Service

Sometimes, you don’t have the time to take your vehicle in to have its glass repaired or replaced. Additionally, you might not be able to get a ride from someone else or have too busy a schedule to contend with.

It may surprise you to hear that repairs can take as little as a half-hour and installation only an hour. While we work on your car, you can continue your daily routine, knowing that your auto glass is being cared for by a family-owned company with integrity.

Shattered glass from a windshield, now needing Windshield Replacement in Galesburg IL

On-the-go we can take care of chip repair, windshield replacement, both on-road and off-road vehicles, sunroofs, sliders and custom auto glass. Your stress level will sink, and your happiness will rise, knowing that your auto glass problems are solved with a reputable company who will come to you.

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