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Did you accidentally fling a rock into your windshield while mowing? Perhaps something hit your glass while driving down the highway? No matter the cause, the result is the same: a cracked or broken windshield. And if the damage is obstructing your field of vision, you require emergency windshield repair in Galesburg IL from the experts at Glass Specialty WLC.

Glass Specialty has been in the glass repair and replacement industry for over 40 years. From skylights to glass for classic cars, we’ve done it all. Furthermore, we strive to provide the highest quality glass and the most efficient service as a family-owned and operated business. So, when you need glass repair or replacement fast, our team is quick to respond to your call.

What to Do After Your Windshield Becomes Damaged

After your windshield cracks or shatters, there’s no need to panic. You can take a few simple steps to ensure your safety and abide by the law.

  • Find Somewhere to Stop Your Vehicle – If you’re afraid your windshield is damaged to the point where it needs replacing, find a spot to pull over. It’s best not to take chances if you are unsure of the total damage. Find a safe spot to inspect your windshield.
  • Check the Damage Done – There’s a range of damage that can either be repaired in your own time or need immediate fixing. The best rule to go by is if cracks or chips are obscuring sight out your windshield, you’ll need to have it repaired or replaced ASAP.
  • Make Your Way to a Repair Shop (if Damage is Manageable) – If the crack obstructs vision, but not to the point where visibility is zero, it should be safe enough to drive to a repair shop. However, don’t go long without having your auto glass fixed or replaced, as it’s against the law to drive a vehicle with an obstructed windshield.
  • Stay Put (if the Damage is Too Much) – However, if your windshield did more than crack (aka, your glass shattered), you cannot continue to drive your vehicle, even if it’s to a repair shop.
  • Call a Specialist – A company like Glass Specialty WLC can perform emergency windshield replacement in Galesburg IL at your location. Upon your call, we head out to where you are as fast as possible, so you aren’t stranded for too long.
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A broken windshield isn’t something you can let go unchecked. Be sure to get the emergency windshield replacement for Galesburg IL you need with the professionals at Glass Specialty WLC. To learn more about our services or schedule glass repair or replacement, call us today at 309-343-6139. Also, we are located at 723 E Main St, Galesburg, IL 61401.

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