Glass Specialty WLC is The Place to Call for Windshield Crack Repair in Galesburg IL

Glass Specialty WLC offers Windshield Crack Repair in Galesburg IL
Temperature changes, road debris, and any number of things can lead to you needing to get windshield crack repair in Galesburg IL. Don’t be too afraid to have a professional look at it quickly so that it doesn’t get worse. Modern compounds and polymers can make it easy to make problems go away. In fact, the professionals at Glass Specially WLC can often repair small cracks and chips before they turn into bigger problems.

When Can it Be Repaired?

We repair small chips and cracks using an epoxy resin.  In addition, we repair a chip of smaller than a quarter, or a crack of less than an inch. That way, they don’t get bigger and force you to need to make a more expensive replacement. And that’s not all we can do. Glass Specialty WLC can even fix the mirrors in your windows, side mirrors, sunroofs, back glass, and more.

In our 40+ years of experience, we have found that it helps our customers significantly when we can make the stress of window repair easier on you. We proudly provide complete auto glass service, both in our shop and through a mobile service, so we can tend to whatever situation you are in. We will bring our glass solutions directly to you. And we are always in our shop, ready to provide the solutions that you need to get back on the road safely.
Glass Specialty WLC offers Windshield Crack Repair in Galesburg IL

Auto Windshield Repair and More

In addition to windshield repair, Glass Specialty WLC also offers many other services. Not only do we handle auto glass installation and repair, we can also tackle any glass trouble you’re having. From custom glass creations to shower enclosures and windows, we’ve got you covered. Whether it’s your home, car, or business, we’ve got the experience to keep your glass looking its best.

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Call us today at 309-343-6139 so we can take care of your windshield crack repair in Galesburg IL. You can fill out a form online to get a quote or use our live chat feature to get any questions answered. And don’t forget to check out our photo gallery and the work we’ve done on classic cars to get some inspiration for your next project. We look forward to working for you.

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