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Worker performing Window Glass Repair in Geneseo IL by placing new glass in window frameHow long should you live with faulty windows? The answer is simple: you shouldn’t! When you notice a decline in your windows’ quality, it’s time to get them fixed. And for quality window glass repair Geneseo IL turns to, you can trust the experts at Glass Specialty WLC.

The folks at Glass Specialty have been repairing and replacing glass for the past 40 years. We’ve become leaders in our industry for the quality of craftsmanship we bring to each glass project. Our experts are dedicated to serving our customers, and we guarantee only the best glass repair and replacement when you go through our services.

When Is It Time to Repair Your Window Glass?

Worker carefully placing glass into frame for Window Glass Repair in Geneseo IL

When the time comes to have your windows repaired, you’ll know. There are certain signs of a faulty window that will continue to cause problems if not properly addressed.

  • Condensation
    • Modern windows will have more than one pane of glass to better insulate your house. If you notice condensation between the window glass panes, it’s time for repair. This can mean there are gaps and openings in the seals of your glass, letting in moisture.
  • Drafts and No Heat Retention
    • The point of window glass is to help keep the proper temperature in your home and protect against the elements. However, if your windows are drafty or cold to the touch, something is wrong. Cracks or warps in the glass can let air out of your home.
  • Cracks and Chips
    • The most obvious form of damage, cracks and chips, are dangerous to have in window glass. This can mean your glass is less stable. All it takes is one bad knock and you risk your glass shattering, causing its share of injury if you end up cut by the glass.

What More Can We Do?

If you’ve ever needed window glass repair, Geneseo IL can count on Glass Specialty to help. However, we offer more than window glass repair for your home. Glass Specialty can handle a variety of other glass projects for auto and commercial too. Such projects include:



    • Storefronts
    • Commercial Entrances
    • Glass Shelves
    • Safety Glass

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