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Don’t Drive Around with Broken Windows

Electric Window Repair Macomb ILWhy are you still waiting to get electric window repair in Macomb IL? For a company who’ll repair your windows correctly and for a reasonable price, talk to the folks at Glass Specialty WLC. Our service technicians have performed dozens of window repair jobs for auto, electric windows being one of them.

Glass Specialty WLC’s team of certified professionals work to make you happy with your window repair. Beyond auto glass repair, our technicians can provide repair services for commercial and residential projects. It’s why Glass Specialty WLC has been #1 in the glass repair and replacement industry for the last 40 years.

Why Do You Need Your Electric Windows Repaired?

Electric Window Repair Macomb ILFor more than upkeep on your car, properly functioning electric windows are important to maintain for several reasons:


During the summer months, the interior of your car can heat up to unreasonably high temperatures. Opening your windows helps to circulate air flow and cool down your vehicle. With a broken electric window, you cannot let air flow through your car effectively.


Depending on what window is not working, repairing it may be for a matter of convenience. Especially with a driver’s side window, it can become problematic when you need to roll down your window at the drive-thru, for a bank teller or to talk to a police officer.


If your window won’t roll down, you put yourself at risk if you become involved in a car accident, potentially trapping yourself in your vehicle. As well, a window that won’t roll up can be an issue if driving in hazardous weather conditions like hail, snow or a downpour.

Other Auto Window Repair

More than just electric window repair in Macomb IL, Glass Specialty WLC can repair any other glass related issue for your vehicle. The repair services we offer include:

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