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Broken Glass Windshield Before Car Window Repair in Kewanee IL

Windshields play an essential part in supporting the structure of a car. That’s why when a fracture occurs, we recommend that clients have the item checked out immediately. Even cracked side windows and mirrors can make driving dangerous. To protect the lives of those in your car and on the road, seek assistance from an auto glass shop, like Glass Specialty, WLC! We offer speedy car window repair in Kewanee IL, extending this service both on and off-road.

The Dangers of Driving With a Broken Window

If you’ve read this far, you already know that driving with a broken window is dangerous, but you might wonder what the exact hazards are. Beyond the potential to get bigger with time, chipped and cracked windows pose all of the following threats:

  • Increased Risk of Injury – If you get in an accident with a broken window, your risk of injury increases significantly. Broken windshields create especially dangerous scenarios, as they often lead to improper airbag deployment.
  • Structural Damage – As previously stated, windshields support a car’s structure, so when the glass splits or shatters, it weakens the frame, leaving it vulnerable to additional damage. Thus, it is important to seek car window repair in Kewanee IL immediately after an initial chip or crack.
  • Lack of Proper Protection – A window’s role is to guard against outside elements such as rain, wind and hail. Broken windows, however, can’t provide the same level of protection, allowing air and water to leak in.
Craked Windshield Before Car Window Repair in Kewanee IL

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As you can see, broken auto glass isn’t an issue anyone should take lightly. At even the slightest sign of damage, you should call a car window repair in Kewanee IL. To schedule an appointment with our window company today, call (309) 228-9284. We are based out of 723 E Main Street in Galesburg, IL, and proudly serve clients from 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m, Monday through Friday.

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