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You never know when you’re going to need auto glass service in Kewanee IL, but it’s a good thing knowing where to go when you do.

For instance, if a small rock chips your windshield, some people may not know what to do about it and keep on driving.

Then, it’s often possible for the chip to expand and turn into more extensive damage, creating a safety hazard on the road and requiring complete windshield replacement instead of a simple chip repair.

If you’re seeking auto glass service in Kewanee IL or other areas, you’re in luck. Glass Specialty WLC provides a team of trained and certified auto glass experts who are happy to assist you. We handle glass needs, both big and small, and everything in between that you might need help with.

For 40 years, our glass experts have assisted with glass service installation as well as glass repair. We’re familiar with all makes and models of vehicles, and also have worked with a wide variety of insurance companies. We also use top-of-the-line equipment to offer even more quality services.

We know that it can be a little confusing to get help with auto glass service in Kewanee IL and surrounding Henry County, whether you’ve been in an accident or just need smaller-scale repair help.

But our team is happy to walk you through the process with high craftsmanship, so it’s not scary and also won’t hurt your wallet.

Our Repair Options

A technician performing Auto Glass Service in Kewanee IL on a windshield

Commonly, we repair chips in the windshield. These small dings inevitably happen on our area roads. Maybe it’s a rock that falls off a car or truck in front of us. Or, perhaps it’s gravel from the roadway. But either way, the stone moving at high speed can impact our windshield or side mirrors.

Usually, protective glass keeps initial damage reasonably small. But frost can expand the fissure and make it into a crack that gets larger and larger. Any type of damage to a windshield surface area can reduce the integrity of the overall windshield and make it more vulnerable to future structural damage.

A large crack in your windshield or mirror can also limit your visibility and create unsafe driving conditions. It may even result in a citation as a traffic violation if an officer notices this.

Other typical damage we may see can include hairline cracks and complete shattering. In the case of shattering, the windshield must be replaced quickly.

Seeking auto glass service in Kewanee IL can allow you to visit one of our facilities to help, or we even offer mobile glass repair services where we can come to you. Either way, it’s essential to get the help you need to fix your glass before things get worse.

For more information about glass products or to schedule a free glass service estimate, please call (309) 228-9287 or visit our main Galesburg office at 723 E. Main Street.

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