Auto Glass Replacement Kewanee IL

Complete Auto Glass Replacement in Kewanee IL

Auto Glass Replacement Kewanee IL

Glass is fragile. It breaks, and that’s life. But when it does happen, you need someone skilled in your corner who can get you back up and running again in no time. We have the perfect solution: Glass Specialty WLC. We know auto glass repair and replacement inside and out, and we’ve seen it all. Chips, hairline fractures, cracks, shatters, you name it, we can repair it. You can feel good about hiring our licensed and insured technicians who can address the situation, whether a small rock cracked your windshield or you got into an accident, and your back window has shattered. If the problem is severe, you may need total replacement. We will be upfront about it. Come to Glass Specialty WLC for complete auto glass replacement Kewanee IL trusts.

4 Reasons Why You Need Auto Glass Replacement

You really can’t be sure until you have one of our technicians take a look. But in general, check out these four signs that signal you need windshield replacement.

  • Extensive scratches: Scratches reduce visibility, causing you not to be able to react to a dangerous situation in time.
  • Cracking: Generally, if the crack is longer than three inches, repair isn’t an option and replacement is necessary.
  • Chipping: If you have a rock chip larger than the size of a quarter, it’s too serious for standard rock chip repair.
  • The windshield was incorrectly installed: Sometimes, your windshield hasn’t been properly installed by the previous technician. In this case, bring your vehicle to us for further inspection.

Rest assured, our technicians have several years of experience in glass repair, backed by extensive training that includes repair for car windshields and side-view mirrors. You can rest easy partnering with us for expert replacement that’s quick, safe and efficient. We have your best interests at heart, so call us immediately when you need a replacement.

Auto Glass Repair and Replacement Services in Kewanee

Auto Glass Replacement Kewanee IL

We are proud to serve all of Kewanee, as well as Galesburg, Monmouth, Geneseo and surrounding communities, with:

Hesitating to fix even the smallest cracks in your windshield will only worsen or pose an increased safety hazard. Even tiny cracks can make your window weak, leading to the possibility of a complete shatter. Our professionals will use top of the line equipment and techniques to assess the situation.

Glass Specialty is the one to call, thanks to 40 years of proven service and a solid reputation under our belts. And hey, if you can’t come to us, we’ll come to you as part of our mobile auto glass replacement service!

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For trusted auto glass replacement in Kewanee, call Glass Specialty at 309-228-9286. Our shop is conveniently located right in Galesburg at 723 E. Main Street. Call us now for a free estimate.

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