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In addition to Auto Glass Repair in Warren County IL, Glass Specialty WLC tackles business windows

Perhaps it was the cold weather. Or maybe a truck on the highway kicked something up into your windshield. You can’t deny a cracked windshield has gotten to the point where you know it’s time to find auto glass repair in Warren County IL. You rely heavily on your windshield to keep you safe in your car. A cracked windshield can suddenly make you feel unsafe or incapable of navigating your day-to-day life, which can be a stressful situation. At Glass Specialty WLC, we understand how frustrating this can be for you and that’s why we always focus on what’s best for our customers.

We’ll Do It the Way That Works Best for You

With over 40 years of experience, our team has learned that making it easier for you is how we can make a real difference. We provide complete auto glass service both in shop and mobile, so we can tend to whatever situation you are in. We will even bring the solution to you, and we are always here in shop ready to provide the kinds of repair and replacement solutions that you need.

If you catch it before it gets too big, Glass Specialty WLC has ways to fix your window that will prevent a need to replace. We can tend to chips and small cracks before they become problematic enough to require replacement. Whether side mirrors, sunroofs, back windows, or more, we are even able to tend to the electric motors and cameras that your side windows, mirrors, and car safety features rely on. Our team has all the technical skill necessary to navigate the issues concerning you.

When it Comes to Glass, We Do it All

Glass Specialty WLC also offers a wide range of glass services beyond auto glass repair. Our commercial glass services will keep your store fronts, commercial entrances, glass fixtures and furniture, and safety glass looking top-notch. We offer home glass services, too, such as window repair and installation, shower and bathtub doors, and custom made-to-order mirrors. In addition, Glass Specialty WLC can provide auto glass service for classic automobiles. When it comes to your glass needs, we’ve got you covered.

A member of Glass Specialty WLC tackles Auto Glass Repair in Warren County IL

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Don’t let a small thing turn big. If you’re needing auto glass repair in Warren County IL, get in touch. We have an easy online form where you can get a quote, or you can call us at 309-343-6139. We also offer a 24-hour chat feature that enables you to get answers to any questions you might have in advance. And if you ever need to replace any of your auto glass, our team is also ready to get you to the other side of that problem with as little fuss as possible. We’re happy to help.

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